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Heyo! Thrilled you’re joining me for this week’s newsletter which covers: Jay-Z snatching the advertising reins from Don Draper, the voice app no one can stop talking about, the luxury curve, and my interview profile in BCBusiness 🥳 🥂.

Now let’s have some fun around here!

Marketing Minute

Jay-Z has proven himself an excellent businessman—now he's a stellar advertiser.

Mad Men, move over

His new weed brand, Monogram, launched an ad campaign lambasting the absurdity of current US laws surrounding the devil’s lettuce, while *ahem* other laws remain on the books. Take a look:

This. Is. Fantastic. Advertising.

Oh, and Jay-Z is clearly a subscriber to Musings of a Marketing Tornado—look how he demonstrates the power of framing!

Stick out your chin, receive a right hook
Taking those impactful ads a step further, he released a that addressed a core issue of legalization:

“I created this campaign to amplify the voices of those who have been penalized for the very same thing that venture capitalists are now prospering from with the emerging legal cannabis market."

Louder, for the folks in the back

Courtesy of the war on drugs, the usual suspects have gotten rich off the green rush, swaths of the US population remain incarcerated, and communities have been stunted for decades.

Jay-Z lending his voice and advertising dollars to this issue is a powerful way to spread awareness and make consumers ultimately demand change through voting and choosing where to spend their money.

Beat them charges like Rocky

I will boldly claim to speak for all of us when I say that we’d be delighted if the man who gave us H to the Izzo can help change federal law (for weed, no less) and subsequently, history.

Tornado Watch 🌪️

Join the Club

Alright, fine.

I surrender my lingering doubts: the Clubhouse app is going to be colossal. In fact, I predict Clubhouse will be bigger than Twitter.

I said what I said.



Friends, for the first time in my Old Millenial™ life, I received a phone call (hi S!) asking me about a mobile app. Canary, meet coal mine.

The race is on

Clubhouse will disrupt podcasting because it’s significantly more accessible, personal and on-demand. Similar to how Twitter impacted blogging back in the day, Clubhouse is poised to rock the digital landscape across media platforms.

Clubhouse knows this, which is why they’re monetizing quickly and aggressively building a robust the app.

You heard it here first.

Kirsten Explains Things

The Luxury Curve

Consumers can’t help but rate items on a value curve. That means we aren’t shocked when the $42 Zara sweater lasts only one season—come on, it’s not $600 imported Italian cashmere!

Don’t stand so close to me

Comparing luxury goods flips this script, since there’s not much of a value curve when items are ‘on the same level.’ Think Ferrari vs. Lamborghini.

Champagne problems

What happens next is the “snob effect” kicks in, and price becomes a substitute for quality. If it’s more expensive, it MUST be better! Right? Right?!

With regards to hyper-luxury goods, an inverse relationship emerges, as they actually become harder and more annoying to use. This is part of the allure.

Performative wealth

The extreme of the luxury curve means buying insanely expensive items (that are less user-friendly) is a game of one upmanship, signalling to peers that you’ve got money to burn and you’ll spend it just because you can. Glad that’s logical.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by about my work as a Ghostwriter (and Marketing Tornado, obvi).

*cork pop*

As the ghost in the machine, it was a new experience being the subject instead of wearing the subject’s avatar.

Thank you to the eagle-eyed Tornado reader (hi C!) who informed me that my profile was prominently featured on the website—and even grabbed a screenshot.

Spotify Song of the Week

The vibe this week is "" by Lettuce

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