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Heyo! Thrilled you’re joining me for this week’s newsletter which covers: Swedish 7-Eleven marketing merch, Russia and Apple’s history-making showdown, whiplash inducing sanctimony from the usual suspects, and the forgotten fine print of Fight Club.

Now let’s have some fun around here!

Marketing Minute

To promote their new all-day breakfast, 7-Eleven in Sweden launched a limited edition set of pyjamas.

The sizes? Only 7 and 11, of course!

Bit of a Christmas-y vibe, eh?

The most important meal all day

Priced at $35 USD, this branded merch is unexpected, but still affordable fun for the fandom. Apt timing, since a year into the pandemic, loungewear has become socially acceptable to wear anytime.

Show don’t tell

7-Eleven is a convenience store, but these ads belong in a high fashion magazine. It’s clear their marketing department put the work into creating an impactful campaign that’s cleverly on-brand, relevant and worth talking about.

I would love to see more companies take inspiration from 7-Eleven (I did NOT have that statement on my 2021 bingo card) and get creative with their marketing efforts.

Tornado Watch 🌪️

Russia and Apple had a . Apple blinked first.

The long arm of the law

Regulations passed last year require Apple to pre-install government-approved apps on iPhones, Macs and other devices sold across Russia. They’ve capitulated to China and Russia about iCloud server data, maps, apps and more in the past, but this is different.

This is the first time local laws have extended their reach to Apple’s iOS — something which they’ve been notoriously protective over.

Until now.

Welcome to a new era of tech companies accommodating authoritarian governments.

Net loss

Russia dared Apple to pull out of the market, but they wouldn’t.

That’s why, starting April 1st, every user setting up a new device will see a dashboard to pick which apps they’d like to install. Congrats to the Kremlin (hi, Putin!) for securing product placement for their state sanctioned apps on Apple devices and flexing their power to manipulate tech companies through “impractical” laws.

No doubt other repressive governments have taken notice and begun rubbing their hands with glee.

Gosh, ?

The Hill I’ll Die On

So the Catholic church has weighed in as the moral authority on sinful sexual relations. That’s rich.



This you?

The call is coming from inside the house

Since 2002, clergy sex abuse cases have already cost the church .

In 2019, sex abuse complaints .

The church happily , and accepted the profit from a film about Elton John finding love with a man.

The hypocrisy is so loud I apologized to my neighbour

Do as I say, not as I do

Perhaps instead of perving Catholic school girls (yup!) on Instagram, Francis should spend his time re-reading Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

What would Jesus do

The Catholic church is the oldest institution on earth. They’ve had most of human civilization to perfect their service offering — but they still can’t get it right.

Last time I investigated, pressing your thumb on the scale of homophobia and squandering a chance to humanize a marginalized community fighting for their lives, was incongruent with the Lord’s teachings of loving your neighbour and accepting our differences.

Speaking of lost sheep

Yet, I’m supposed to respect the moral integrity of *checks notes* a professional pedophile ring?

No ❤️

See you in hell.

*Swing by and say hello! Just listen for the whirring of the blender (margaritas!) and the Cher albums on loop.

Kirsten Explains Things

The fine print of Fight Club

Fight Club is a satire.

When subtle is too subtle

wrote this gritty novel to mock the destructive effects toxic masculinity has on men and society. This tale provides a warning of how insecure men become susceptible to fascism through radicalization.

The extremist playbook deploys dehumanization, which can be accomplished through words — hence the infamous snowflake speech.


You can’t go online these days without seeing the term snowflake thrown around to denigrate someone as being sensitive or easily hurt. However, this is a textbook extremist technique used to foster loyalty from an angry, insecure audience.

It’s hardly a coincidence that domestic terrorism has metastasized across the US since the movie’s release in 1999.

The irony is palpable

You can probably imagine Chuck’s amusement that his novel satirizing disaffected white men and the subsequent danger they pose to society has been adopted as the incel bible.

It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

Who’s gonna tell them?

These radicalized fools are oblivious to the fact a gay guy wrote their cherished manifesto and Tyler Durden isn’t a hero. He is merely the manifestation of Edward Norton’s unnamed character’s mental illness.

The first rule of Fight Club certainly makes a LOT more sense now.

When art imitates life

Pssst. Ted Cruz? That means your is named after a domestic terrorist who’s desperately insecure about his performance in bed.Spotify Song of the Week

The vibe this week is “” by Funkmammoth

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