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Wow! First, a tremendous thank you to the folks who took time to send their thoughts in response to last week’s newsletter—please know I read every word. It’s wonderful hearing from the Tornado community’s passionate sock aficionados.


Thrilled you’re joining me for this week’s newsletter which covers: the Lord’s stance on Air Jordans, how LEGO is raring to gogh, Lisa Kudrow’s underrated talent, and the immortality of human nature.

Now let’s have some fun around here!

Marketing Minute

Instagram account has embarked on a holy crusade chronicling the expensive duds of the lord’s divine representatives.

The only Christian here is Dior

Luckily, the soulless procession of celebrity pastors (!!) and their earthly indulgences provide plenty of . What was that bit about a rich man, camel and eye of a needle, again?

The drip is eternal

For obvious reasons, this account has been “sending people down an existential morality spiral” since its inception—and personifying one of the many reasons I delight in marketing.

What started off as a joke quickly went viral because of the ludicrous content. Equal parts rage inducing, relevant, bemusing and icky—this account is a fascinating reflection of our culture.

The Bible according to Instagram

PreachersNSneakers has been compared to the “21st century version of Martin Luther nailing his theses to the church door” and it’s easy to understand why.

Pastors sporting Gucci loafers and limited edition Jordans initiate interesting conversations about leadership, community and values—particularly now within the context of a pandemic.

May the Lord be with you and your Yeezys

I’ll admit, at times I found myself muttering ‘my god’ while scrolling through the self-indulgence and opulence of the pastors featured. A glance through the comments confirmed I am in good company.

However, I appreciate that marketing is the catalyst for these cultural conversations that force us to examine ourselves, our priorities and our perspective. After all, marketing is designed to inspire change.

Tornado Watch 🌪️

The legacy of awesomeness continues with LEGO’s release of a 1,552 piece Starry Night set. As if we needed another reason to love the toy giant—take my money and gogh!

Gogh on

It’s wonderful to see LEGO’s effort to incorporate art into their toy offerings. LEGO isn’t just fun; it teaches kids spatial awareness, fine motor skills, math, persistence and more.

Sets like Starry Night can capture the interest of the more fine arts inclined youngsters who may not know that LEGO has toys geared towards them.

Grab the monet and gogh

We know tech desperately needs more humanities majors working in the field, and this LEGO kit is a cultural step in the right direction. I’m optimistic that this foreshadows a bigger trend of merging STEM and art to foster creative expression and problem-solving for kids of all ages and with varying interests.

Got an idea? LEGO is open to your .

I Am Not a Crackpot

Lisa Kudrow is criminally underrated—but not for her work on Friends. Considering her impressive range, I doubt she even broke a sweat at Central Perk.

Hear me out.

Kudrow was electrifying in the now cult status dramedy series: . While lightyears ahead of its time, this series only ran for two seasons: one in 2005, the second in...wait for it—2014.

When you’re so good it looks too easy

A 9 year hiatus couldn’t rob this ‘found footage’ reality mockumentary of its biting satire, or Kudrow’s ability to effortlessly toggle between quiet devastation, intense awkwardness and deadpan comedy.

The paradox of Hollywood

An ember of self-awareness residing at the core of Kudrow’s character makes her acutely sensitive to the chain of indignities and bitter ironies that befall a barely D-list actress struggling to remain relevant in Hollywood.

Yet, her best chance at the fame and glory she desperately craves arrives when cast as an unflattering character based on herself. Oy.

I dare you to look away

Kudrow plays Valerie Cherish’s cloying desire for industry approval and fame so endearingly that the viewer is blindsided by how gutting her moments of utter humiliation feel.

There’s one scene in particular where Valerie chokes up—surprising even herself—which knocked the wind out of my chest. If that’s not enough to make you check it out, season two offers the chance to watch Seth Rogen and Kudrow play off each other.

The Comeback isn't for everyone, but it's a rare vehicle worthy of Lisa Kudrow’s formidable talent. If you give it a shot, I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Stray Observations

As a marketer, I can set my watch by the consistency of human behaviour.

Regardless of what's happening around us, we really like disappearing into our own world and ignoring the folks around us:

100 years from now, we can look forward to ignoring each other in our flying space pods.

Spotify Song of the Week

The vibe this week is "" by Hollow Clouds

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