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Heyo! Thrilled you’re joining me for this week’s newsletter which covers: the tangible impact of marketing dignity, why Tik Tok is a canary in the coal mine, my quest for the perfect sock and an all-expenses paid jaunt to Vancouver.

Now let’s have some fun around here!

Marketing Minute

of the trans community lacks a piece of identification that reflects their chosen name. Harassment, verbal abuse and having services denied are common occurrences for folks who present ID which doesn’t match their gender presentation.

More than just a photo

Most people don’t fear being “outed” in the checkout line, but the lingering threat of violence is omnipresent for members of the trans and non-binary community:

“I can still remember the anguish and feeling of dysphoria I felt during the numerous instances where I had to present a card with a name on it that didn’t reflect my truth and authentic self.”

Imagine this experience each time you were asked to show ID — a reflex most folks don’t even think twice about.

Put your money where your mouth is

This is where the power of marketing can be wielded for both real world impact in people’s everyday lives and wider cultural change.

Citibank, in partnership with Mastercard, pioneered the “” initiative in 2019 to put their marketing dollars behind tangible inclusion, representation and allyship with these ads:

What’s in a name

This marketing initiative was (not surprisingly) a stunning success because it goes beyond a simple banking transaction and offers clients validation and dignity. Acknowledging the humanity of their most marginalized customers is certainly a lucrative business strategy that they know will inspire brand loyalty — but it’s also the right thing to do.

Marketing is meant to make change

Citibank’s marketing campaign has demonstrated that inclusion is profitable (gah, don’t ya love they even have to prove this), so other banks and institutions are likely to follow. #HerdMentality

Another reason why it’s crucial for big companies to spend their social capital on worthwhile marketing initiatives like True Name, which signal to the industry that change has arrived — and people are taking action. No more excuses.

Keep it up, Citibank!

Tornado Watch 🌪️

It’s tempting to dismiss Tik Tok as the Gen Z dancing app, but we should be paying serious attention. In 2020 it was the most downloaded app on the planet and expected to out-earn Facebook in revenue. Gulp.

Like a freight train it’s coming

While Facebook has been contributing to war crimes, Tik Tok has been steadily reshaping social media and how we consume content.

Shop til you drop

Now Tik Tok is working on that allow creators to sell items directly and earn commission. This bid for e-commerce dominance will be QVC for the digital age. We’re about to witness a new intersection of influencers and sponcon as shopping becomes live streamed.

Come spend with us

With in-app advertising now on Tik Tok and mega brands flocking to the platform, Facebook should be sitting up straighter. Plucky Tik Tok has the tools, clout and money to take on Zuckerberg’s monster, and I’m predicting they’ll make quite a dent.

Hello from the Soapbox

Sock it to me

Until one recent courageous purchase, I solely wore two sock lengths: no-show ankle or crew. Since this brave act, my life has been permanently altered by the .


I think not.

Friends, as your (self) elected sock representative, I take my duty seriously. I bring a deep understanding of the subtle nuances which configure the optimal sock: thickness, elasticity, height, colour, softness, longevity, washability. Does the heel slip down? Will they fall apart in the dryer?

You deserve answers.

After extensive sock research spanning years, I landed on Eddie Bauer CoolMax socks and haven’t looked back. Tempted by a sale (ah yes, the fatal allure of marketing), a need to replace a few old pairs, and curious if the quarter crew would be the correct height for my mid tops, I took the plunge.

Well! It was so successful, I’m here writing to you about socks…in a newsletter. Why? Because as a marketer, the satisfaction I feel from a purchase exceeding my expectations is rare, and must be shared far and wide. Plus, socks are a wardrobe staple, so I’m kinda performing a civic duty.

Next time you’re in the sock market, remember this conversation. I’ve done the footwork so you don’t have to. You’re welcome.

Enjoy with Enthusiasm

Grab your suitcase, we’re going on a trip to Vancouver, in 1907. The newly colourized footage from the turn of the century shows just how much the city has changed, and how much it really, well, hasn’t.

FYI non-Vancouverites: the hotel is haunted by the lady in red.

Alright, you better settle in for . Throw a log on the fire, make that cup of coffee, sink into the sofa and hit play….or you can skip this entire blast from the past and head right to the song of the week.

*At 2:20, you can spot the Storey & Campbell shop, which I’m taking as a personal shout out!

Spotify Song of the Week

The vibe this week is “” by DJ Cam Quartet

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